Photo of Patrick Winston
Photo of Leo Cashatt

Winston & Cashatt’s history began more than fifty years ago with the founding of two separate law firms in Spokane, Washington. Patrick Winston and Leo Cashatt respectively developed firms dedicated to the highest level of legal practice. Known for their superior representation of clients in the construction, aluminum, banking, and insurance industries, as well as personalized support for individual clients, the firms grew and prospered during the post-World War II era. In 1971, the two firms merged forming the law firm of Winston & Cashatt. Today’s firm continues to subscribe to the principles and dedication to our clients’ best interests that have been the hallmark of the firm since its inception.

Many of our clients have been with Winston & Cashatt for over forty years. As a full service law firm, we represent businesses and individuals who reflect the diversity of the Northwest, from the local entrepreneur to the large multi-national corporation.

The firm’s long tradition of negotiation and arbitration is based on the belief that a client is best served by avoiding litigation whenever possible. However, should litigation prove necessary, we believe it should be pursued to obtain the best result, in the most cost efficient manner, for each of our clients.

We believe that it is essential to develop and maintain effective communication between attorneys and clients. This communication is a reciprocal link designed to foster the discussion and analysis of legal situations and results in the active participation of our clients in the decision making process. Proactive legal work is a specialty of Winston & Cashatt, and we encourage our clients to call us not only when they are involved in a legal problem, but also when they think they might be headed for one.

In this regard, Winston & Cashatt continues to distinguish itself as a superior law firm in all areas of the law – locally, regionally, nationally, and internationally.

Our distinguished professionalism has been represented by a former Chief Justice of the Washington State Supreme Court; past and present Federal District Court Judges; a retired Bankruptcy Judge and a former U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Washington.